Family tradition since 140 years

The Hotel Post in Aschheim boasts a long history and a rich tradition:

1873: The farmer, Johann Wagmüller decided to convert his home into a beer pub, which he called “Zum Neuwirt”.

1907: The farmer Balthasar Wieser acquired the farm and the pub. He needed the property for his daughter Anna, who was betrothed to Karl Lindinger.

1910: The young people married. A beer order book, dating back to this year, reveals sales of 805 hectolitres of summer, winter and strong beer. This is indeed a handsome amount which bears testimony to the fact that local farmers already at that time used to stop at the “Neuwirt” Inn for a pint.

1927: From this year on the property housed the post office of Aschheim and the “Neuwirt” Inn was renamed “Zur Post”.

1948: Anna Lindinger and her son Karl ran the business together with the young landlady Therese, affectionately called “Resi”, who eventually became the soul of the house through her enthusiasm and her tireless commitment.

1972: Just before the inauguration of the Olympic Games the new hotel building was completed at the place of the old cattle stable, which had to be demolished. The Hotel “Zur Post” offered then 70 beds. The busy landlords where actively helped by their children Anneliese, Karl and Reserl.

1993: The mother entrusted the fate of the house to her daughter’s hands. Anneliese has since then successfully run the Hotel Post while preserving the traditions.

2002: The historic main building was completely renovated and got its current appearance.

2004: Her son Otto finished his hotel management apprenticeship and has run the business since then together with his mother.

2009: The “Aschheimer Stube”, a rustic and cosy room in the style of the historic “Zur Post”, was built.

2012: The attic in the west wing is being refurbished ecologically and sustainably by means of an innovative massive timber construction. It houses 13 new modern guest rooms with locally sourced materials, featuring for example an oil-sealed oak wood floor, loden fabrics and clay walls.